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2020 TEA Legislative Agenda

A focus on funding, testing, due process and privatization

Disruption. There’s no worse a word when talking about children.

Yet Gov. Bill Lee said he wants to be “disruptive” in education during a state Senate Republican Caucus retreat in November.

“I just challenge all of us, as we work together to challenge public school systems, to be better and that we support them in ways that are innovative and creative, that we disrupt the status quo,” Lee said, adding he thought teachers and school leaders wanted such moves.

Teachers and school leaders have a challenge to Gov. Lee and lawmakers: adequately fund Tennessee’s public schools. It would certainly be innovative if the administration got the state out of the bottom 10 in funding.

Funding is the only major education statistic where Tennessee is in the bottom 10.

Teachers are committed to doing their job to educate our children, and the administration should do its job and get schools the resources our students need.

The fight over funding is the number one priority for TEA this legislative year. 

There are other important battles to be waged on a variety of issues such as testing, professional rights, and the continued battle over vouchers and charters.

Attached below this article is the TEA legislative agenda poster for the 2020 session. Please share it on social media or post a copy in your school breakroom to let others know how TEA advocates for members and our students.  

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