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A bonus and a raise for all our extra days! Send a message to your legislators now


Every public school educator needs to get involved in contacting legislators during the 112th Tennessee General Assembly. With the special session on education just starting and possibly ending this week, TEA is fighting problems in bills on overcoming disruption to student learning, early literacy instruction and hold-harmless legislation (fact sheets also attached below). But we also need help from every educator as we make sure A BONUS AND A RAISE is passed for all public school staff.

Watch TEA President Beth Brown's message on the big fights during this session and what you can do to help. 

Find your legislators here (scroll down to "Find my legislator" on your phone) and use this contact sheet, also attached below, to tag them on social media using the sample messages below. Tell them how hard you've worked and how challenging the past year has been. Remember, we were promised a raise during the last session, we worked harder than ever last fall and now we are exhausted, but we keep showing up and doing our job. Tell your legislators they must do theirs and pass a bonus and a raise for all our extra days! Whether you choose to make a video or a simple post, it would be a huge help!

Please use these hashtags: #TEAstrong #RedforEd #TEAteachers


Tennessee has $6 billion in cash reserves, with more than $1 billion expected to be available for budget increases this year. Make educators a priority. We need a bonus and a raise for all our extra days. 

You called us heroes, promised us raises and vaccines. It’s time to follow through. 

You called us heroes, promised us raises and vaccines. We’re still waiting, but we keep doing our jobs. Please do yours. 

I’m a Tennessee educator. I worked 235 additional hours last semester. I’m exhausted and scared for my health, but I keep doing my job. Please do yours. 

Suspend standardized testing and evaluations this year. Invest in Tennessee public schools and educators.

Suspend standardized testing and evaluations this year. It will generate flawed and useless data. We need to spend this time on instruction to mitigate disruption to students’ learning. 

Protect our time to teach! Suspend testing and evaluations, increase funding and resources for our public schools. Invest in us!

Public schools never closed during the pandemic. We kept them going, working more than we ever have. We need you to follow through on your promises. 

I’m a Tennessee educator. I worked more hours and dipped into my own pocket to get the necessary cleaning supplies for my classroom. Last year, you promised me a raise and a vaccine. I’m still waiting, but I keep doing my job. 

We are Tennessee educators. We have done our part. It’s time for state leaders to do theirs. 

I took extraordinary risk but I kept on teaching because it was best for my students. Please do your job. 

I worked 6 extra weeks last fall, always afraid of getting COVID-19. Now I’m running on fumes, still waiting for my raise and any information about the vaccine. All I ask is for you to do your job. 


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