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Register to earn NEA Micro-credentials by August 23, 2020

NEA is providing members an opportunity to participate in a virtual Professional Learning Community (PLC) to support successful completion of a NEA Micro-credential. Educators who participate in a PLC to complete a micro-credential are more likely to earn their badge the first time. 

A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows an educator to demonstrate mastery in a area.  Micro-credential PLCs are NOT a traditional course.  Micro-credentials are self-directed project based professional development.  During the micro-credential PLC, you will work to collect evidence of proficiency in specific area by working on a project that is designed to directly help you in your professional practice.  Resources are provided to help you learn more about the topic. During this PLC, a facilitator will guide you and a group of fellow educators through the project and the process for submitting by providing multiple opportunities for peer feedback and discussion.

These virtual PLCs will be facilitated by a trained micro-credential facilitator and consist of weekly support meetings via zoom.   PLCs will start during the week of September 7 and end by October 31. PLCs will meet on the day indicated below, during the evening for 30-60 mins. Facilitators will reach out to participants with exact dates and times. Members may register for more than 1 PLC.

Members may register for any of the following PLCs:

Link to registration:

•                     https://bit.ly/32M1sOq

•                     Registration closes August 23

•                     Please note, this professional learning opportunity is open only to NEA members.

Resources on NEA Micro-credentials:

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