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Following the release of 2018 Kindergarten and Pre-K portfolio scores, Tennessee Education Association President Beth Brown issued the following statement.

“TEA leaders and staff have been flooded with calls and emails from teachers all across the state indicating that there are significant issues with the scoring of the Kindergarten and Pre-K portfolios used in their evaluations. Most have reported that their submissions were ‘auto-scored’ to a 1 because of a glitch or platform issue.”

“Kindergarten and Pre-K teachers first raised concerns about not receiving proper training on the new Educopia platform and the cumbersome process required to fulfill all of the portfolio requirements. Teachers are reporting that while everything appeared to upload properly and Educopia showed their portfolio status as complete, many are now seeing default scores of a 1 or are receiving an ‘incomplete’ as a result of problems with the platform. Procedural errors like this can have serious implications for teachers.”

“One of our main concerns is that teachers look to their portfolio evaluation as a diagnostic tool as they prepare to start a new school year. Without valid scores, they are unable to identify the areas they need to improve upon in order to best educate Tennessee children. This isn’t about teachers whining about a low evaluation score. It is about teachers who are deeply committed to the success of their students wanting meaningful feedback on how they can continue to improve as professional educators.”

“TEA is talking with the state Department of Education to determine how widespread the issue is and how the department intends to remedy the situation for the impacted teachers. This potentially reaches beyond Kindergarten and Pre-K, too, as certain subject areas like art and physical education also use the portfolio-based evaluation system. TEA is continuing to research the issue and working with members to gather more feedback.”

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