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On behalf of the NEA Center for Organizing (C4O), TEA and TRTA, it is our pleasure to invite NEA Retirees from Tennessee to participate in the New Educator "Retiree Experience" Project in Hamilton Co. (with potential for adding more districts in the future).

This is an organizing experience that draws on the experience of NEA-Retired educators to welcome, recruit, and engage new members of our professions.

​Before applying, please read page in its entirety and be sure to APPLY BY 4 p.m. on MARCH 8, 2018. 

The NEA C4O recognizes and values the experience and leadership contribution of NEA-Retired members and believes this project will lift up the retiree partnership with the Center for Organizing and foster the use of professional issues and education policy as organizing issues.

Additionally, the Center for Organizing recognizes NEA retirees’ commitment to membership growth and maintenance, interest in building strong local associations, and the development of a pipeline for leadership. 

The  organizing experience is a full time, week-long opportunity involving visits to new educators in schools, house parties, and working before and after school shifts. 


We believe it will be both a thrilling opportunity to help lead this project, and also a demanding regime.  Therefore, we’ve outlined below some useful information to help you with your decision to participate.  Participants will earn $110 each day, for mileage, and meals.

Participants will be given time to learn and practice in the following areas:

- recruiting and retaining members;

- identifying potential activists and leaders;

- discussing issues with TEA members that mobilize fellow educators and parents. 

We will specifically focus on new topics such as leveraging ESSA for local organizing and engaging our aspiring and early career educators in the local Association.


* Participants must be available full-time in whichever district(s) you choose to work.  

* A minimum of one week in the district you work, with one day for focused training and then organizing out in the field at school sites. Participants are expected to come in Monday and depart on Friday, after 3:00 PM, with 5 days of work in between.  $110/Day.

* The organizing will include the following:

​​1.  School site visits recruiting members and encouraging them to take on a more active role in the association;

​​2.  Invitation of potential members to join TEA;

​​3.  Participating in  discussions with first year teachers to talk about “lessons learned” during the retirees’ teaching or public school work experience.

* Participants receive a $110/day per diem for each full day worked, up to five; the expectation is a full five-day commitment.

* Participants will be expected to work in a self-directed fashion, in close partnership with NEA, TEA and the leadership, engaging in organizing conversations during the week.   We will debrief each evening with your colleagues, and quickly learn from each other "best practices" for the work we do.

* Since retirees will be visiting schools, you must have a vehicle and be a safe driver. A valid driver’s license will be necessary for a retiree along with ability to comfortably navigate directions in Hamilton Co. area. 

* Preference will be given to participants who represent the diversity of our membership and who represent all educators – teachers and ESPs.

Questions?  Please send me an email and I would love to answer your questions.  

Karla Carpenter 

TEA UniServ Field Manager




As part of participating in the New Educator Project, each participant is required to complete the standard application profile.  

It’s important to again reiterate that each retiree will be expected to do daily field visits to members and potential members in your choice of one or more of the selected School Districts. 

 * Once your application has been received and approved, the staff in the Center for Organizing department will communicate with each participant.

​​* The Center for Organizing will cover the costs of hotel and travel for approved participating teams and will provide meals throughout the training.

On behalf of the Center for Organizing Department, we look forward to your participation in the New Educator Project: 2018.  

Karla Carpenter, 
TEA UniServ Field Manager




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