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The WCEA PECCA team proposes a competitive raise for teachers. 

RATIONALE: The system continues to be the best in the state. The school system, the county government, the chamber of commerce, and the community at large continually promote the successes of the system and directly relate the ongoing economic prosperity of our county to these successes.  Despite all the accolades, WCS teacher salaries continue to lag behind other systems.

The WCEA PECCA team proposes increased protections for teacher planning time.

RATIONALE: Teachers need time to plan effective lessons, review student work, and respond to parent concerns. This time should be guaranteed and should not be reduced by required meetings during the school day (eg. IEP meetings and team planning)

The WCEA PECCA team proposes the District should provide all necessary materials for teachers to telework successfully.

RATIONALE: Teachers have a reasonable expectation of sufficient classroom supplies to be effective in their roles. During telework, teachers may require additional internet access, equipment, and/or materials needed to successfully carry out duties as directed by school administration.