Tennessee Education Association

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Setting Goals

Establish both short-and long-term goals to guide your local's efforts. Work with your officers, committee chairs, association representatives, and members, setting sound goals in each area.

Make sure your goals are realistic. Volunteers will become discouraged if goals aren't attainable. On the other hand, the goals must be ambitious enough so they won't be too easily and quickly exceeded. Achieving goals too easily could drain volunteers — energy and momentum.  Remember to recognize officers, committee chairs and ARs who reach or exceed their goals.

Association goals might include:

  • At least 90 percent of new employees joining the Association.

  • 100 percent membership at specific schools, either during the initial annual period or by the end of the year.

  • A specific membership increase for the year (by number or percentage).

  • At least three professional workshops during the year.

  • One instructional project sponsored by the association.

  • A balanced budget and monthly financial reports to members.

  • Payment of all bills by their due date.

  • Monthly newsletters, via email or school mailboxes.

  • At least one community activity (Read Across America,American Education Week, Teacher Day, etc.)

  • At least ten members traveling to Nashville to meet with legislators.

  • At least two meetings at home to meet with legislators.

  • Distribution via email or school mailboxes of TEA's Legislative Report.

  • Sending out the agenda for all meetings at least two days in advance via email.

  • Collection of 75% of members and 100% of ARs — email addresses.
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