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Announcing new TEA Executive Director

At its October meeting, the TEA Board of Directors voted to employ Carolyn Crowder as TEA’s new executive director.  Crowder was selected for the position through a very deliberative process by a special Executive Director Search Committee convened by TEA President Gera Summerford.

“We extend our congratulations to Ms. Crowder and look forward to her leadership at TEA,” said President Summerford in announcing the board’s decision.

Crowder comes to TEA from Denver, CO, where she has been executive director of the combined Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA), Denver Association of Education Office Professionals (DAEOP), and DCTA-Retired for the past four years.  She previously served as president of the Oklahoma Education Association and as a member of the NEA Executive Committee. Crowder began her career in education as a teacher in Oklahoma City and Mustang, OK.

Crowder will be moving to Nashville in early November to assume her new role as TEA executive director.  She succeeds Alphonso Mance who retired in January.

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