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TEA Pledges to Continue Advocacy

The Professional Educators Collaborative Conferencing Act creates new rules that govern the relationship among teachers, local education associations and school districts. As the Tennessee Education Association (TEA) analyzes the language of the new law and its impact on teachers, the organization pledges to continue promoting, advancing and protecting public education, the education profession and the rights and interests of its 52,000 members.

“TEA will represent members and local affiliates to the full extent allowed by the new law, even as we continue to ensure that existing negotiated agreements are fully enforced,” says TEA President Gera Summerford, a high school math teacher from Sevier County,

“Teachers are resilient,” adds Summerford. “We will continue to focus on what’s best for our students and public schools. We will continue to support and represent teachers and assist them in acting collectively to advance their interests.

“It has always been our goal to advance education in our state,” notes the TEA president. “That will not change. We will work with the new rules on collaborative conferencing while keeping student achievement at the forefront of our efforts. By informing and training our members, TEA will continue to ensure teachers are successful in what they do – educating all students every day to meet high academic standards.”

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