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TEA President Beth Brown reacts to TNReady scores

Following the release of 2018 TNReady scores, Tennessee Education Association President Beth Brown issued the following statement.

“Even in a year where there are no issues administering the test, standardized test scores of a summative year-end high-stakes test like TN Ready are not valid measures of student achievement, teacher effectiveness or school performance. Numerous studies have shown it is inappropriate to use standardized test scores and the resulting value-added scores to evaluate students or teachers. The state’s use of these scores in high-stakes decisions unfairly penalizes students, educators and schools.”

“Years of state testing failures have destroyed the trust of educators, parents and students in the state assessment system. TEA was successful in passing two pieces of legislation during the 2018 session to ensure all are truly held harmless from 2018 TNReady scores. As TEA president, I plan to lead the association in capitalizing on this momentum and make this a permanent change.”

“Teachers are not opposed to testing or evaluation. We want a fair system that accurately measures student achievement and teacher performance. As a high school English teacher, I use tests throughout the school year to identify where students are struggling or when they have a solid understanding of the curriculum. Tests can be powerful diagnostic tools for teachers, but only when they are designed and implemented in a fair and meaningful way. That is not what we have right now with TNReady.”

 “We must get back to focusing on what is best for students. More time for one-on-one attention and instruction, learning critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as creativity through a well-rounded education will set our children up for academic success. Of all the things we teach our kids, the most important is love of learning, which no standardized test can measure.”

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