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TEA statement on George Floyd

From TEA President Beth Brown:  A fundamental principle of the Tennessee Education Association is to promote racial and social justice. Education is the means to accomplish this fundamental principle, and the outrage and grief caused by another death of an African American man by authorities provides an important teachable moment on racial inequities throughout our country and here in Tennessee.

The tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and those that occurred before it, provides an opportunity for all Tennesseans to look squarely at racial and social bias in our communities and country, and to address the negative impact on students and communities of color. TEA members are engaged in this advocacy and will continue to push for racial and social justice.

TEA calls on our fellow Tennesseans to open their eyes and hearts to ongoing racial and social injustice. It is only with open, honest communication and a willingness to prioritize voices of color that we may truly address racial discrimination and harassment. Tennessee’s educators play a vital role in accomplishing this important work.  

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