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TEA Successful in Effort to Reverse State Board Action to Tie TVAAS to Licensure

The State Board of Education voted this morning, Friday, Jan. 31, to rescind the portion of the licensure policy that would use TVAAS as a factor in license renewal and advancement. The vote only applies to the portion of the policy related to the use of TVAAS. It does not affect the entire policy the board voted on in August of last year. The vote to rescind the use of TVAAS came after TEA President Gera Summerford and General Counsel Rick Colbert shared the association’s “The Trouble with TVAAS” presentation.

This is a huge victory for Tennessee teachers. This reversal from the state board is a direct reflection of the hard work of TEA members and staff. It also demonstrates TEA’s effectiveness in protecting the teaching profession and fighting for public education.

While this is certainly cause for celebration, the fight is not over. The board will revisit the issue at its April meeting. It is important that educators now focus their efforts on pressuring elected officials to pass legislation preventing the state board from tying licensure to TVAAS in the future.

Rep. Matthew Hill (Johnson City) filed legislation this week that would do just that. His bill, the “Educator Respect and Accountability Act of 2014,” would prohibit the use of standardized test scores in the renewal or advancement of teacher licenses.

Please visit the General Assembly website to view the legislation and the list of more than 60 co-sponsors in the House. TEA lobbyists Jim Wrye and Antoinette Lee have been working for weeks to secure a strong list of co-sponsors.

After viewing the list of co-sponsors, please contact your legislators to either voice your appreciation of their support or to ask for their vote on this important issue.

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