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Future Teachers Rebuild Outdoor Classroom in Nashville

Tennessee’s future teachers took school improvement into their own hands with a first annual service project at John Early Middle School in Nashville on Friday, Sept. 25.

“Student TEA members from every part of our state gathered at John Early Middle School to make over an outdoor classroom,” said STEA President Raymond Boyd. “While some people talk about improving teaching and learning conditions at schools, we’re doing something about it.”

Rally for the funding we deserve!

SAVE THE DATE: Monday, March 16, 2020. All who believe in our strong public schools are invited to a statewide rally to fight for increased state investment in our children and an end to the state's punitive high-stakes testing system.

We are done with excuses about the "fully funded BEP."

We are done with inequitable and inadequate funding for public schools. 

We are done with holding down two jobs to make ends meet. 

We are done with the state's test-and-punish system. 

Kindergarten portfolio fight moves to the courts with TEA lawsuit

One of the many benefits of membership is knowing that when you need help most, TEA Legal Services can be there in times of professional crisis. The much-maligned portfolio system used to evaluate pre-k and kindergarten teachers has been just that for countless educators. 

After two consecutive years of successfully supporting the passage of hold-harmless legislation meant to protect teachers from harmful effects of the rollout of the portfolio system, there were still teachers being negatively affected.  That’s when TEA Legal went to work.