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Future Teachers Rebuild Outdoor Classroom in Nashville

Tennessee’s future teachers took school improvement into their own hands with a first annual service project at John Early Middle School in Nashville on Friday, Sept. 25.

“Student TEA members from every part of our state gathered at John Early Middle School to make over an outdoor classroom,” said STEA President Raymond Boyd. “While some people talk about improving teaching and learning conditions at schools, we’re doing something about it.”

Out-of-state special interests target our elections

They are at it again—national anti-public education groups are spending heavily in Tennessee General Assembly primaries. In 2016, these out-of-state groups, backed by billionaires like Betsy DeVos, spent millions in our state trying to defeat pro-public school Republicans and Democrats, only to see teachers and voters reject their slate of candidates. It was a huge victory for Tennessee public schools, and now we will need a similar effort in this primary season. 

General Assembly Holds the Keys

As TNReady faltered this spring, there was a question whether test scores should be used. The Haslam administration was adamant to keep test scores as part of teacher evaluation, student grades and school penalties. 

TEA knew scores were invalid because of the major irregularities and must not be used.  

The General Assembly decided enough was enough and passed a hold-harmless law in the waning hours of the session to eliminate all adverse actions using TNReady test scores.    

For our students and our profession, make the choice to be politically active

By Loranzo Andrews, United EA of Shelby Co. 

The purpose of political advocacy is to influence political decisions. Given the attacks on our public education system by numerous forces and the challenges faced by government regulations like teacher evaluations dependent on standardized testing and charter schools, it is imperative that educators involve themselves in the political process and political advocacy.