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Needed federal school aid threatened by DeVos, second round stalled in Senate

The $260 million in federal CARES Act K-12 aid is essential to get Tennessee public schools up and running this fall and will be distributed by Title I student enrollment. But guidance from U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has the Lee Administration ready to siphon millions for private schools. 

It is something TEA and local school districts will fight, and the General Assembly is poised to weigh in against. 


As the General Assembly gears up to make budget changes in response to the economic downturn due to the coronavirus, what is cut, and by how much, will be the focus of lawmakers. Making sure public education is not cut, is the focus of TEA and its members. 

“Be ready to act in the fight to preserve state school funding. It’s going to be up to us,” said TEA President Beth Brown. “It takes voices back home demanding legislators do what is right by our students, and TEA is the only organized educator constituency.” 

Don't siphon funding from public schools

Nashville, TN—The following statement may be attributed to TEA President Beth Brown:

“We have a strong system of public schools in Tennessee that serve one million Tennessee children. Our students, families and educators are counting on local, state and federal officials to provide the funding needed to safely reopen public schools. Our public schools are the foundation of the communities they serve. Strong, financially stable local public schools are an important factor in rebuilding Tennessee’s economy. 

Governor backs away from improving minimum salary schedule. TEA calls for defunding the voucher program to restore increase

Nashville, TN — The Lee Administration will delay an increase in the State Minimum Salary Schedule for teachers in the 2020-2021 school year, citing financial concerns for local governments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lee proposed a $2,000 schedule increase impacting approximately one in ten Tennessee teachers. 

TEA supports Gov. Lee’s recommendation on keeping schools closed

TEA supports Gov. Lee’s recommendation that Tennessee schools remain closed for the rest of the school year.

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted students, educators and communities. Educators are as eager as parents for school to resume, but every decision on how and when to reopen classrooms must consider health, safety and well-being first.