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Protect your membership - convert to Automatic Dues Pay for 2012-13 membership year

Legislators took away your right to bargain in 2011. What will they try to take next? Retirement? You can help stop these injustices by protecting your TEA membership.

The Legislature is attempting to limit and control Tennessee educators’ free speech rights if they use payroll deductions for TEA dues. There is a way to protect your rights and benefits through your membership in TEA - sign up for TEA Automatic Dues Pay.

TEA announces agenda to address flaws in evaluation system


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Education Association released its recommendations to correct the state’s flawed annual teacher evaluation system at a news conference today. The agenda was developed as a result of feedback from teachers and administrators through TEA-sponsored regional meetings, online surveys, email and face-to-face communications among TEA staff, leaders, teachers and administrators.

New York Times: In Tennessee, following the rules for evaluations off a cliff

TEA members Emily Mitchell, Michelle Pheneger, Jeff Jennings and Erin Alvarado are featured in this article from the New York Times. TEA headquarters staff and UniServ District 12 coordinator Susan Young worked with New York Times reporter Mike Winerip to coordinate many of the interviews in this article.