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Student TEA member receives national recognition, chapter ranked in Top 3 nationwide

TEA’s student affiliate STEA has once again been recognized among the top three student programs in the nation with the highest membership. 

“We are extremely proud of our student members who go above and beyond their demanding school work load to grow professionally and mentor others as aspiring educators,” said Rhonda Thompson, STEA coordinator and member of TEA’s Instructional Advocacy staff. 

State’s use of value-added scores in high-stakes decisions unfairly penalizes students, educators and schools

In 2015, the TEA Board of Directors set a "Big Hairy Audacious Goal": "TEA will work to ELIMINATE high-stakes decisions based on standardized tests that affect Tennessee’s educators, students and schools by the year 2020."

So what’s next in the fight for fair, accurate measures of student and teacher performance?

Even if there are no issues administering the test, standardized test scores of a summative year-end test like TNReady are not valid measures of student achievement, teacher effectiveness or school performance. 


Following the release of 2018 Kindergarten and Pre-K portfolio scores, Tennessee Education Association President Beth Brown issued the following statement.

“TEA leaders and staff have been flooded with calls and emails from teachers all across the state indicating that there are significant issues with the scoring of the Kindergarten and Pre-K portfolios used in their evaluations. Most have reported that their submissions were ‘auto-scored’ to a 1 because of a glitch or platform issue.”

General Assembly Holds the Keys

As TNReady faltered this spring, there was a question whether test scores should be used. The Haslam administration was adamant to keep test scores as part of teacher evaluation, student grades and school penalties. 

TEA knew scores were invalid because of the major irregularities and must not be used.  

The General Assembly decided enough was enough and passed a hold-harmless law in the waning hours of the session to eliminate all adverse actions using TNReady test scores.    

For our students and our profession, make the choice to be politically active

By Loranzo Andrews, United EA of Shelby Co. 

The purpose of political advocacy is to influence political decisions. Given the attacks on our public education system by numerous forces and the challenges faced by government regulations like teacher evaluations dependent on standardized testing and charter schools, it is imperative that educators involve themselves in the political process and political advocacy.  

Early voting is the Amazon Prime of Election Day

By TEA Executive Director Carolyn Crowder

When the calendar page turns to August, there really isn’t much time for anything besides those last-minute preparations for the start of your new school year - yet here we are asking you to “Go vote!” on August 2. This is why the early voting period in Tennessee is a life-saver!

Think of early voting, which runs July 13-28 for the primary election, as the Amazon Prime of Election Day.

Education is Political: All Elections matter!

By TEA President Beth Brown

Responding to an article that I shared on social media, one of my high school classmates recently expressed his desire to play a more active role in his daughters’ education. He said, “I want what is best for my girls and everyone else’s kids as well…The problem is we can’t just care. We have to care AND act. Too many people say they care, but they want someone else to put in the effort…I hope to continue to do my part.”