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Targeted districts file lawsuit against controversial private school voucher law

Metro-Nashville and Shelby County filed a major lawsuit on the state voucher law in chancery court on February 6. The complaint names Gov. Bill Lee and his education commissioner, Penny Schwinn, and focuses on how the voucher law violates the state constitution. 

The General Assembly may only pass public acts that have statewide general application. Bills with local application must have the consent of local governments or be approved by voters in a local referendum. The voucher law did neither.          

Tennessee public schools need $1.2 billion to get to Southeast average

The following statement is attributed to Beth Brown, President of the Tennessee Education Association:

“Tennessee is 45th in the nation in what we invest per student. While Gov. Lee outlined millions in new K-12 investment, our public schools need $1.2 billion to get us to the Southeast average and out of the bottom ten in funding. It is something our state can afford, and it’s the best investment our state can make.”

Lessons from Dr. King

By TEA President Beth Brown 

We recently celebrated the birthday of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a racial and social justice advocate who continues to inspire the world long after his 1968 assassination. As an English teacher, I love introducing my students to Dr. King’s pursuit of equity and his masterful use of the English language. 

2020 TEA Legislative Agenda

A focus on funding, testing, due process and privatization

Disruption. There’s no worse a word when talking about children.

Yet Gov. Bill Lee said he wants to be “disruptive” in education during a state Senate Republican Caucus retreat in November.

“I just challenge all of us, as we work together to challenge public school systems, to be better and that we support them in ways that are innovative and creative, that we disrupt the status quo,” Lee said, adding he thought teachers and school leaders wanted such moves.