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TEA's checklist for safely and equitably reopening school buildings

Read TEA’s checklist for safely and equitably reopening school buildings and resuming in-person instruction.

The current data on new case rates and COVID risk level by county can be found here

Members need to get involved.

Reopening school buildings and resuming in-person instruction is a local decision.

There are easily understood thresholds to determine if the COVID risk level is too high to resume in-person instruction. Many school systems across Tennessee have correctly delayed school openings due to the recent uptick in COVID infections. Others have not. TEA reviews data daily and has called for a statewide delay in reopening school buildings.

TEA has a checklist for Safely and Equitably Reopening school buildings. The data can be found here

The checklist has three components:

ONE. Know if COVID-19 is under control in your county and what to do with that knowledge:

·         Puts in plain language how to understand infection rates

·         Walks members through important infection rate thresholds

·         Shows how to share infection rate data with system decision-makers

·         Models what to do when data indicates one action and a system takes another 

TWO. Specific protections to put in place to keep the virus under control and protect students and staff:

·         A comprehensive list of accommodations, virus suppression actions, detection and other important aspects of safely-functioning schools during the COVID outbreak

 THREE.  Equitable plans for continuous learning.

·         A comprehensive list for training, capacity, and selection of faculty for distance learning

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