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Salary Rankings by degree are calculated using data submitted annually by school districts to the Tennessee Education Association through its “Survey of Local Annual Salaries for Classroom Teachers.”  Rankings are calculated for the minimum salary, the average salary, and the maximum salary on the provided salary matrix.  The average salary is the median salary on the matrix and does not necessarily reflect the average salary paid by the school system.  Although all systems submitted a salary matrix, it should also be noted that not all systems pay teachers on a “traditional” salary schedule where employees move on the schedule based on years’ of service and degree.  Some school systems employ a “merit pay” or “pay-for-performance” schedule.  In our rankings, we did not account for how employees move on the schedule.

All school systems except Alamo, Huntingdon, Jackson County, McNairy County, and Polk County submitted salary schedules for the 2014-2015 school year.  Those systems that did not submit a salary schedule this year, we posted the most recently received schedule from a previous year.