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TEA Teaching and Learning Symposium

TEA's Teaching and Learning Symposium is an annual two day instruction and professional development event and is designed to provide a challenging and invigorating experience for educators who want to strengthen their teaching performance through the creation and maintenance of professional learning. This Symposium attracts 300 educators each year and is an excellent opportunity to attend quality professional development sessions, enjoy keynote speakers, and spend time with fellow educators from across the state. It is an unparalleled opportunity to hone skills that impact today's educators and students.

This year's Keynote Speaker is Jamie Robert Vollmer. 

Mr. Vollmer’s keynote address will be “Welcome to The Great Conversation: Building Public Support for Public Schools One Community at a Time.” 
Jamie Vollmer is an award-winning advocate of public education. He has worked for the past twenty-five years to help schools and their communities remove the obstacles to student learning, both in and out of school. His goal is to uplift his audiences and praise their success while showing them that they have the power to create a community-wide climate that supports rising student achievement. He is president of Vollmer, Inc., a public education advocacy organization working to halt the erosion of public trust and build support for America’s public schools. 
Jamie is the creator of the ground-breaking video series, The Great Conversation, and the author of the highly acclaimed book, Schools Cannot Do It Alone. Over the last thirty years, he has worked with hundreds of school districts, chambers of commerce, education associations, and foundations to create local conditions that encourage student success. 

On Saturday, Jamie will also be leading the breakout session Schools Cannot Do It Alone: Student success in an age of intense scrutiny and rising expectations. Praised as both practical and energizing, this interactive session presents an inspiring call-to-arms, and a powerful case for the need to increase local support for public schools. It is designed to complement his keynote presentation. He shows that public trust is both public education’s most precious resource and a prerequisite for substantive change. He explains why educators must connect with the public—an increasingly misinformed and difficult group.

This year's sessions will be:

  • Awareness and Response to Active Shooter Threats
  • Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences
  • Finding One’s Voice to Challenge for Change: Social Justice in the English Curriculum
  • Integrating Technology Into the Classroom
  • Schools Cannot Do It Alone: Student Success In An Age of Intense Scrutiny and Rising Expectations
  • Taking the Mystery Out of the RTI Process 
  • Teacher Management
  • Thinking Tools
  • Using Graphic Organizers & Cooperative Learning Activities to Foster Higher Order Thinking

All Tennessee Educators

Friday, April 5, 2019 - 03:00 to Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 02:00

To register, please fill out our online registration form by the registration deadline of March 5, 2019.


The following are the non-refundable registration fees for this year's Teaching and Learning Symposium:
$60 for TEA members 
$50 for TEA members with 1-3 years experience and STEA members 
$120 for non-members