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TEA State Board Of Education Contact Committee


The TEA State Board of Education (SBE) Contact Committee advocates directly with state board members on matters concerning SBE rules, regulations and minimum standards. Each member of the committee lives and works in a public school in the congressional district in which they are assigned. TEA members are urged to contact committee members concerning SBE agenda items.


Congressional District 1

State Board Member: Nicholas Darnell 
TEA Contact:
Melinda Reese


Congressional District 2

State Board Member: Mike Edwards 
TEA Contact: Lauren Hopson 


Congressional District 3

State Board Member: Bob Eby

TEA Contact: Tammy Magouirk


Congressional District 4

State Board Member: Gordon Ferguson
TEA Contact: Marsha Raines

Congressional District 5

State Board Member: Elissa Kim
TEA Contact: 
Augodelia Coleman

Congressional District 6

State Board Member: Lillian Hartgrove

TEA Contact:  Jeanette Omarkhail


Congressional District 7

State Board Member: Wendy Tucker, Esq.
TEA Contact:  
Luke Dickerson


Congressional District 8

State Board Member: Vacant
TEA Contact: Ronny Criswell

Congressional District 9

State Board Member: Darrell Cobbins

TEA Contact: Melissa Collins

State Board Student Member: Haden Bawcum, Riverside High School, Decatur County

TEA State Board of Education Committee Chair: Jeanette Omarkhail


Staff Liaison: Terrance Gibson