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Flip to EZ Pay for Safe, Secure Automatic Dues Pay

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The Tennessee Education Association wants to make sure that members can contribute their dues using a safe, secure method that elected officials can’t change. Take back control of your membership by switching your dues payment method to EZ Pay, commonly known as bank draft (an automatic dues deduction from a member’s checking or savings account) or credit card payment.

Depending on which option you choose, EZ Pay will either charge your credit card one time or it will automatically deduct your dues from your checking account over the membership year beginning in October.  Each local association selected the schedule and number of withdrawals for its members. Please contact your local association or UniServ coordinator for details on the schedule for your local.

It takes just minutes to flip to EZ Pay and it is safe and secure. This simple and easy process allows you to be a continuing member of TEA without any interruption of the many great benefits our members receive, regardless of legislature or employer actions.

Please click on the link at the top of the page to quickly convert your TEA membership today to EZ Pay. The electronic conversion process takes just minutes to complete.

After you complete the conversion process, please contact your local education association and let them know that you converted to automatic dues payment.

If you have any questions about this conversion process, please email TEA Membership or call (800) 342-8367.