Tennessee Education Association

Great Public Schools for All Students



Recruiting?  If we don't recruit new members, we will cease to exist. Membership is the very life blood of the Association.  It is the source of our support — financial and personal. It is the acknowledgement by members that their interests are being represented. Membership does not just happen. It must be promoted and maintained by the Association officers and representatives who recruit new members and keep them informed and involved.

Why do people join the Association?

  • Advocacy. People join the Association when they believe that we can help resolve professional problems they face and make schools better for themselves and the children they teach. They are very much aware of the demands school systems must address. And they know that job security, salaries, fringe benefits and working conditions can only be improved and protected through the Association — Local EA/ TEA/NEA — that fights to educate children, engage parents and empower schools.

  • Special benefits. Some people join to take advantage of one or more member benefits made available through the purchasing power of our broad membership base, or to be involved with the group. We offer benefits that can save members a great deal of money. We offer activities and social networking opportunities with a meaningful professional connection.

  • Professionalism. People know that their professional interests can be advanced by adding their strength and numbers to the Association's long-standing commitment to providing great schools for every child. They join the Association to honor that commitment.
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