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This page contains pertinent information for those TEA members who are elected delegates to the NEA-RA.  The NEA-RA is the annual Representative Assembly for the National Education Association.  Delegates to the RA are NEA/TEA members who are elected through their local or state Association. Anyone seeking election as a delegate to the NEA-RA should contact their local Association President or UniServ coordinator.

Each NEA-RA delegate is requested to make a $180 contribution to the NEA Fund for Children & Public Education.  When you reach your goal, you will receive a specially designed, Tennessee “thank you for your contribution” gift. Delegates will be assigned to a fundraising team chaired by a TEA board member.

For updated agenda and information, go to the NEA-RA website.

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Open to TEA Elected Delegates 

<p>Contact <a href="mailto:jholmes@tnea.org?subject=NEA-RA%20Registration">Jessica Holmes</a> or call 800.342.8367.</p>