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Instructional Strategies


Instructional Strategies can make the difference in who learns and how quickly. Here are resources that may offer you a strategy you have not yet tried.


Justice's video game to teach students about U.S. court system - Sandra Day O'Connor, serving as America's first female Supreme Court justice until 2006, has helped develop an educational video game about the U.S. court system to be available for free online. The site is content-driven, yet media-rich. It is designed to be highly interactive.  One part of the game is designed to supplement civics lessons in grades 7-9. The second is meant to be played during children's free time. Check it out.Let us know what you think.    



Prevention of Disproportionate Special Education Representation Using Response to Intervention

Disproportionate special education representation exists when one or more groups participate in special education at levels significantly above or below their actual representation in the general population. Disproportionate representation exists in many educational programs and outcomes including Title I compensatory education, Head Start, below-basic levels of achievement on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), and high school completion. This paper addresses the phenomenon of special education disproportionately and the implementation of prevention through response-to-intervention processes and decision making.

Tennessee History for Kids is an interactive site built to help students, parents and teachers learn more about the civics, history and geography of the Volunteer State.  The content is written and approved by experts on Tennessee history, civics and geography and is based on curriculum standards.


The Tennessee Electronic Learning Center, is the Tennessee Department of Education’s
latest educational advancement for students, parents, and teachers. Resources include content information, scientifically based research, and educational links.  The ELC was designed for anyone...anytime...anyplace.