Tennessee Education Association

Great Public Schools for All Students


Qualifications & Nominations


All nominees recommended for the Award should meet the following applicable criteria:

  1. Be a person or an organization that has made outstanding contributions of statewide or local impact on public education, students and/or teachers in Tennessee; 
  2. May not be a practicing educator; 
  3. Must be a structured and recognized organization.

The contribution should be of significant stature and the nominator(s) should provide specific reasons as to why the nominee should receive the award. The nominator's statement on the nominating form will have substantial bearing on the ultimate selection of the recipient. What was done to justify the nomination should have local or statewide impact while documentation should support the activities performed. The award may be conferred upon a person or an organization in the political, business, or civic community, or upon any other individual of statewide stature.



Any TEA affiliate may recommend a candidate by completing a nomination form and mailing it to:


Beth Brown 
TEA President
801 Second Avenue North 
Nashville, TN 37201-1099



Nomination Forms

The nomination forms are in PDF format and can be filled out on your computer, printed and mailed to TEA. Click on the nomination form links on the menu to the left to download and begin filling in the forms.


Selection Process
The TEA Friend of Education Award Selection Committee, which is appointed by the TEA president, will consider all nominations and make its recommendation to the TEA Board of Directors, which will have final approval.  


Deadline for Submitting Nominations

All nominations must be postmarked or received in the office of the president on or before 4:30 p.m. February 2.