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Test Time Tools


Test time is a tense time for everyone. Teachers should be sensitive to issues such as students' special needs, testing environment and security. When a violation is suspected, from teacher or student, officials must report it to the state, which is why it's important to follow all procedures. Systems also have their own policies in place that expand state guidelines. Teachers are required to know what procedures will be used in their school. TEA Members are encouraged to review the Testing Security Policy, Code of Ethics and the Test Administration Manual. These and other helpful materials around the TN's standardized testing program can be found on the Department of Education website.


During exams and testing most students feel some form of anxiety. Consider these ideas to assist you in preparing your students:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Procedures can be confusing to students. Make sure they know how to take the test.
  • Be positive. Students pick up on teacher stress levels. If you are calm and positive, they are more likely to react the same way.
  • Tell students how well you believe they will perform. Student self esteem impacts academic performance.
  • Review protocols for administering the tests, especially if there are special circumstances or students with special needs.