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PECCA conferencing leads to stronger funding, securing salaries and improving benefits

More TEA locals across Tennessee are engaging in the collaborative conferencing (PECCA) process with local school boards than ever before. 

Since the collaborative conferencing law was passed, TEA affiliates have proven that the PECCA process can lead to strong MOUs that can help local funding, secure state dollars for salaries, and protect and improve benefits.

In early March, members of the McKenzie Education Association met with the Director of Schools, Lynn Watkins, and school board member Jon Davis to begin the process of collaborative conferencing. McKenzie EA has a long history of advocating on behalf of teachers, and adding the PECCA process is a great way to strengthen conditions in their district. 

“Strong schools depend on good-faith collaboration between teachers and local school boards, and the PECCA process helps achieve better working conditions which equal better student learning conditions,” said TEA President Beth Brown.

McKenzie PECCA team pictured above (left to right): Sherrie Austin,  Beckie Smith, Megan Taylor, Tiffany Smith, Lizz Gonzalez, Malissa Anderson, Joanna Turner (MEA President), Kevin Gallimore, Lynn Watkins (Director of Schools), Jon Davis (McKenzie SSD Board member). 

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