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Committees and Commissions

TEA Committees and Commissions are either standing Association Committees (created by the Board of Directors), committees of the Representative Assembly (stipulated by the Constitution and Bylaws), or Elected Committees (called for in the TEA Constitution).  The Instruction and Professional Development Commission is the one commission established by the TEA Representative Assembly.  [Ad hoc committees are created to address a specific topic of concern within a designated period of time.]

Committees meet once each year to recommend actions or policy for TEA with the exception of the Legislative Editing Committee that meets bi-annually. Members of the Board of Directors chair all committees, but the IPD Commission elects its own chair from commission members with a liaison from the board. 


Committee appointments are subject to annual review.  With the approval of the Board of Directors, the president names all committee and commission members except for the Executive Committee and the Budget Committee, which are elected by and from the board.


AnchorAssociation Commitees:

Administrator Task Force
Career-Technical Education
Education Support Professionals
Human Relations
Internal Organizational Needs
Legislative Editing
Member Benefits

Membership Task Force  

Minority Affairs
NEA Concerns
New Teacher

Organizing Advocacy
Retirement and Insurance
State Board of Education Contact
State Special Schools
Status of Women in Education

Elected Committees:
Executive Committee

Budget Committee

AnchorRepresentative Assembly Committees:
Credentials Challenge
Memorial Recognition
AnchorAssociation Commission:
Instruction and Professional Development