Tennessee Education Association

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Board of Directors

Board Districts

Due to redistricting of the Board map in 2020 some districts will have two (2) board members.

TEA Board of Directors:
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Beth Brown*

Tanya T. Coats*

District 1 Director
Joe Crabtree*

District 2 Director
Michele Bowman
District 3 Director
Peter Blair

District 4 Director
Patricia Fontenot-Ridley

Director 5 Director
Jeanette Omarkhail
District 6 Director
Lori Cleveland

District 7 Director
Emily Mitchell

Brent Estes

District 8 Director
Arielle Dyer

District 9 Director
Paula Pendergrass

District 10 Director
Samantha Craig

Brenda Munusamy

District 11 Director
John Friend

Fred Riley*

District 12 Director
Doris Morton

David Ross

District 13 Director
Paige Neill

District 14 Director
Renee Baum
District 15 Director
Neshellda Johnson
Administrator E-TN
Shaunna Foster
Administrator M-TN 
Janolyn King*
Administrator W-TN
Heather Heard-Davis
Education Support Professional (ESP) 
Jacqueline Burton
State Special Schools
Ginger Henderson

Higher Education
Clinton Smith

Student TEA (STEA)
Derrick Sanders, Jr.

Black Classroom
Teacher E-TN

LaDawn Hudgins
Black Classroom 
Teacher M-TN
Kenneth Martin
Black Classroom 
Teacher W-TN
LaTia Watson
New Teacher Member
Jessica Barker

NEA Director
Tiffany Reed

NEA Director
Randall Woodard* 
(Non-Voting Member)

Ron Pendergrass

NEA Director-
Apsiring Educator
(Non-Voting Member)

CarVaughn Page

  * Indicates Executive Committee 

TEA Fund for Children and Public Education (TEA-FCPE) Executive Council:

Beth Brown

Vice Chairperson: 
Tanya T. Coats

Terrance Gibson

District 1:
Diana Barnett

District 2: 
Terri McCarter

District 3: 
Steven Rodgers

District 4:
David Gorman

District 5:

District 6: 
Michael Stein

Tracy Davis

District 7:
Dana Mullican

District 8:

District 9: 
Theresa Wagner

District 10: 
Constance Brown

District 11: 

District 12:
Stefi Outlaw

District 13: 

District 14:
Jessica Minton

District 15:
Marlo Harper


Local Insurance Committee:

East Tennessee:
Sherry Morgan

Middle Tennessee:
Darell Crawford

West Tennessee:
Chris Stallings

TCRS Trustees:

East Tennessee:
Anthony Hancock

Middle Tennessee:

West Tennessee:
Deborah Atkins